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You have come to the right place to achieve pain relief and a restorative experience. I have over 18 years of experience helping people alleviate chronic pain and stress. My extensive training in both Eastern and Western modalities allows me to combine technical skill with an intuitive touch. Massage Therapy and Healing Work is essential in creating a healthy and happy quality-of-life. With regular work the body can let go of its armor and rise to sustainable states of resilience. Massage and Healing optimizes the bodies natural abilities, offering longevity, peace, and the integration of the mind, body and spirit. My healing studio is conveniently located on Beverly Blvd near the Beverly Center. Here you will find a tranquil space to begin unwinding as you discover the sublime stillness within.

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I began my training at the Massage School of Santa Monica where I studied Swedish Circulatory Massage. While there I heard about an immersive healing arts school that offered on-site residence in a location far removed from the outside world of media and other contemporary distractions. The Heartwood Institute was tucked into the mountains of Northern California in a beautiful wilderness setting without any TV or Wi-Fi. This school offered a program of study with supplementary daily meditation, Qigong, East Indian chanting, and shamanic journey practices besides a comprehensive curriculum in massage therapy. Its remote environment and focus on meditative practices enhanced my sensitivity to subtle energies that are indispensable to the work I bring to my clients today. While there I had the opportunity to study Polarity Therapy with Bruce Berger author of Esoteric Anatomy: the Body as Consciousness. I also had the good fortune to be taught Shiatsu by Paul Pitchford author of Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. Under Paul Pitchford I went on to do an internship and further nutritional training through the eyes of Chinese Medicine. After a year in the mountains studying with these great teachers I moved back to Los Angeles to practice. I have a passion for merging East and West. I have continued my education at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing where I studied deeper musculoskeletal therapies. Merging deep muscle and tissue release with balancing the body's subtle energy systems creates optimal results for pain relief and eliminating stress.

Most recently through my continued research I have discovered a new “to our minds” Healing Modality called Shiva Murti. It is by far the most effective energy medicine I’ve found. It heals a variety of ailments and body pain. I have traveled to Bali Indonesia where I trained with a Master Healer and Balinese Doctor in his hospital there. I graduated as a Gana Usadha Healer which I’m excited to share here in America.

I listen to the body with not only my hands but with my whole being. With over 18 years of experience my technique is to combine modalities and personalize each session to fit your individual needs. Massage Therapy and Healing Work is my calling and it brings me great joy to help improve the quality of your life through therapeutic touch.


(310) 749-4797


Services & Rates

Massage Therapy

I am certified and combine many massage modalities including Circulatory Massage, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and other techniques to fit your individual needs. I blend and incorporate all my modalities, custom fitting the work to each client.

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $150

Shiva Murti Healing

Shiva Murti is an incredible healing modality that comes from Bali Indonesia. It Heals a variety of physical ailments and body pain. It is by far the most effective energy medicine that I have studied and received. You can experience a healing in person or receive a distance healing through the use of a photograph.

Shiva Murti Healing - $100

Shiva Murti Distance Healing - $100

White Light of Totality Healing

I have had a devoted meditation practice for over 20 years. I have also been studying Energy Medicine for just as long. Both of these have allowed me to develop a deep connection to what I like to call Divine Totality. During a White Light of Totality Healing I connect my clients to this opening. Similar to me being a cord that plugs you into an electrical outlet. The experience is profoundly meditative and has been reported by clients to clear negative emotions as well as initiate deep feelings of spiritual connection and wellbeing.

White Light of Totality Healing - $100

Combination Sessions

Offering Added Value To Your Massage

30 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a Shiva Murti Healing - $140

60 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a Shiva Murti Healing - $180

90 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a Shiva Murti Healing - $230

60 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a White Light of Totality Healing - $180

90 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a White Light of Totality Healing - $230


90 minute Massage Therapy Session plus a Shiva Murti Healing and a White Light of Totality Healing - $320

I also offer HOUSE CALLS for an additional $50

I accept cash, venmo, apple pay, and credit cards.

Credit Cards are subject to a 2.75% additional fee 


(310) 749-4797




I began my journey with Shiva Murti Healing when someone introduced me to my now teacher Candace Silvers. She was doing a complimentary healing event where you could come and get a healing or observe. The healings I witnessed that day were truly mind melting. Through all of my years of studying and seeking I had never come across a healing modality so profound. Bali Indonesia is known for its Healers. Candace Silvers has been working in Bali for over 10 years and with the aid of a translator she reached the heart of Bali’s Master Healers. Through her dedication she found Healer, Priest, and Doctor, Ratu Nabe. Ratu Nabe graciously agreed to teach this incredible work in his Balinese hospital. After training with Candace I too traveled to Bali to study with Ratu Nabe. It has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. After I finished my tutelage in Shiva Murti Ratu Nabe initiated me as a Gana Usadha Healer. I am so honored and filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity to bring Shiva Murti home and share this work in the US.

Here is a trailer for a documentary that’s been released about this work. You can stream it on Gaia TV. It gives a glimpse of what Shiva Murti is about.